My Last Semester (*hopefully)

Today was the first day of my last semester (*hopefully*). I’m still trying to contact the graduating adviser to make sure she got the form I submitted last summer, but she kept going around and around instead of answering my question. I hate this school’s administration system because nobody know what’s going on and the office people keep referring students to another person who will also refers students to another person. It’s a crooked system,indeed and I can’t wait to leave this school.

I just finished attending 3 of my classes and am having 2 hour break before my last class. I thought spending time in library is a good idea at this moment and I made a good decision because the seventh floor of this library is almost empty. I think most students spend their time looking for classes to add. I just ordered two books for my religion classes and spent $20. I think I’m going to spend more money on my film photo class (for cameras, films, and papers).

There are some assignments assigned for next week already 😦 Why can’t the professor let the students relax for few more days. Hahaha. Oh well. ciao for now.



I’m enjoying my summer vacation so far by doing some activities that had kept me busy. There’s only one more month left for this vacation and I need more.LOL.

There’s nothing special going on in my life.This is the reason why I don’t feel like updating this blog. Next semester is going to be my last semester (hopefully) and I can’t wait to get out of school. I hope I can find a nice enough job afterward. There’s still no guy in my life,but it’s alright. I know I have to concentrate more on my life-I need to work,earn some money,and stabilize my financial matter.Then, I can travel around the world.LOL.

Mom has been asking me to marry,but that the least thing on my mind right now and I’m in no hurry to get married.

By the way, I’m going to be 29 this coming Sunday. Yeah, freaking 29 and 1 more year I’m going to be 30. but hey, they said 30 is the new 20.LOL.

Ok this is it till now.

I may want to update this blog again tomorrow and probably upload some pictures.


Hello There

I was having a panic attack due to too many deadlines. I finally decided to take it easy. I only have two hands and 1 body and I realized I can’t take care every single thing at the same time. Nothing special going on but I’m sure this weekend is going to be a very busy weekend.

I applied for several jobs yesterday from craigslist. I know I’m not supposed to do this since there will many many others who are also looking for a job with better qualification than me, but I really can’t go out right now and look for a job from one store to another. So… I applied at a coffee shop, real estate (*as a graphic designer*), and other odd jobs. 😀 I remembered I submitted about 5 application yesterday. I promised to myself that I should apply to at least 2 stores each day once I am done with these final projects. Wish me luck with the job hunting. I really need a fucking job.

I only have have expense for June and after that I’m not sure how am I going to pay for my rent 😦’s that long

I can believe the last time I wrote on this blog was in February. Now here I am…….Spring 2010 semester is almost over and the summer is coming soon. Been looking for a job for some time now but still no calls at all for an interview. What should I do?

Oh wait..I’m hungry

New Semester

Spring 2010 semester began last week. There are still some adjustment to do regarding my classes.One of my classes were canceled and another one is about to be canceled too. Getting a class is not that easy since there are not many classes to begin with. Hopefully this semester is going to be a more inspirational and creative one. Nothing special happened lately.

Self Portrait



I’m having final right now and a portfolio review to determine whether I can get into intermediate graphic design or not. Wish me luck coz I really need it.

I’m going to New York from 22-26. On my first day, I’ll go to Niagara fall with a tour (23-24). I will be in New York City on the night of 24th. Spend my Christmas (hopefully not alone), and leave on 26th night.

so, the plan is:

  • arrive at New Ark International Airport, New Jersey, around midnite of December 22nd, and I’ll be staying at the airport until dawn.
  • then, I’ll taking a trip to New York to Chinatown to take the tour to Niagara Fall (yey!)
  • December 24th, arrive in New York, and will be staying in Manhattan
  • December 25th, will go to the attractions which tourist always go when they come to New York
  • December 26th early morning, I’ll go to Liberty Island to see the famous Liberty statue.
  • then Go back to New Ark Airport at noon and prepare to head back home.

I’m very excited and scared at a same time. Excited because I finally get to go to New York after living in the states for 10 years; scared because I’ll be going alone and I heard there are lots of bad people over there. I hope I’ll have a safe and fun trip.

After the final,I’m planning to go to Sacramento to visit my friend who just gave birth and stay there for 1-2 days to explore the OLD Sacramento and maybe visit Arnold Office. lol.

Then, I’ll be preparing for my trip to New York and reserve as much as energy I can.

Have a Merry Christmas,everyone!